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3rd Post of Compelling News

2011-10-15 23:25:26 by PsiMock

I am looking for collaborative partners in crime!

I found another useful website the other day: er.php

I applied my new found knowledge tomy current work in progress: /451022

I am working on this song for a client and could use some direction or suggestions.

Fear is natural and is to be used.

3rd Post of Compelling News


2011-07-27 16:22:59 by PsiMock

2nd post of the profile... :)

Not a big fan of music generators so I tend to stay away from them. I am currently not ready for any life changing event. I read a book everyday and I have learned to play many electronic sounds just with my armpit...

Not a link:
This wasn't helpful in creating Katamari Damacy music: /435911

Post script: I always tell the truth.